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Art work by KAL and colorization by Gabriella DemczukOur ears are always open for good news. Here are some news items worth sharing.


Artwork by KAL, colorization by Gabriella Demczuk.











02/25/2014: Origins of RavenBeer presentation

This is a great video presentation at Pecha Kucha on Feb 20 2014, You can view Jacquie Greff's video here. Also you might be interested in History at Risk. Film to be included in an upcoming episode of History at Risk (

08/28/2013: Quary Wine & Spirits RavenBeer review

Quarry Wine and Spirits recently posted a review of Raven Special Lager and Tell Tale Heart on their blog.

Here is the link

We hope you agree.


08/23/2013: RavenBeer official beer of WestWingLA

RaveBeer Special lager has been name the officail beer of WestWingLA®. They are west coast Ravens fans. read more.

08/04/2013: The Cask to be brewed early August


The first Cask will be brewed on August 6, 2013. The Cask is a German style bock beer that is great for cool weather.  For beer characteristics,  click here.

07/29/2013: RavenBeer handles get national recognition

Just recently Aaron Miller of Thrill List listed what he thought were the 23 best tap handles in the craftbrew industry.  The list is not any sort fo ranking, You will find RavenBeer on that list. Some very neat handle there.

Click here to view the list.

07/01/2013: Pendulum Pils is beer-of-the-month at Triple Nines Tavern

Triple Nines Bar and Billiards in Jessup has Pendulum Pils as the beer-of-the-month for July, 2013.

07/01/2013: Special Lager is beer-of-month for Dogwood Tavern

Dogwood Tavern in Falls Church will be pouring The Raven Special Lager as its Micro-of-the-Month for July, 2013. ($3.00 pints,M-F from 3-7pm).

06/27/2013: Tasting Panel Magazine- RavenBeers

(Information from a Califonia contact.) I thought you would like to get a copy of this. Tasting Panel Magazine is published by Southern Wine & Spirits here in California. I gave their editor samples of the Poe beers, and he liked them a lot.

Click here to see what Tasting Panel Magazine wrote.

06/25/2013: Summer Event - successful!

Thanks to everyone who attended our First Welcome to Summer Event. This was done with very little adverising and we still had more that 200 in attendance.  Looking forward to next event!

06/17/2013: Summer event article @ Balto Sun,0,6809783.story
Open house at Peabody Heights Brewery draws a crowd
Public gets its first look at former soda bottling plant in Abell

By Larry Perl,

11:30 PM EDT, June 16, 2013

When a friend told Brad Siegler and Kim Murray that a brewery in Baltimore was throwing a party for the public Saturday afternoon, distance was not a factor for the Columbia couple.

"It sounded fun," Murray said at the Peabody Heights Brewery in Abell, where beers like Red Cent Amber and Knuckle-Buster IPA flowed freely, as a rock band played and a mobile food truck sold chicken and waffles.

The party was also a coming-out party for the six-month-old brewery and its partners, Stephen Demczuk, J. Hollis Albert and Patrick Beille. They held a similar party late last fall for community leaders in Abell, Charles Village and Waverly, as a way of thanking them for supporting Peabody Heights Brewery in its effort to open in the old Capital Beverage Corp. building, an old soft drink bottling plant.

But Saturday's hastily arranged party was the first for the public, and it won't be the last, Albert said.

"We thought we'd have a series of open houses through the year and have bands and let people take tours," Albert said.

Taped to a table in the front entrance at 401 E. 30th St. was a 1-day special state permit for the event, one of 12 allowed per year.

There are also plans to open a tasting room in July, to let community groups hold their meetings in the building and to make the building a memorial to the former Orioles Park baseball stadium. The brewery sits on the site of the old stadium, which burned in a July 4, 1944 fire.

A photo of the fire and another photo of the stadium in its day are taped to a wall in the 50,000-square-foot building near Greenmount Avenue. The wall eventually will be an homage to Orioles Park and old-style bases will be placed in the approximate spots where they would have been on the site, Albert said. He said home plate was where the Barclay Street sidewalk between 29th and 30th streets is now.

The party, publicized largely on Facebook and in 4,000 emails to friends and supporters, drew a crowd of about 200 people. Selling $25 tickets at the door were American Red Cross volunteers, wearing Red Cross shirts.

They were volunteering in appreciation of the brewery owners, who have donating beer to some of their events. They also hope to hold a Red Cross event in the building in late summer or early fall.

"We wanted to say thank you and see the space," said Kristen Duncan, special events coordinator for the Chesapeake region chapter of the Red Cross.

Albert, Beille and Demczuk teamed up last year with the help of Al Barry, a zoning and land use consultant, to start Peabody Heights Brewery. Albert, 55, previously ran Baltimore Pho, a former Vietnamese restaurant in the Hollins Street Market.

Demczuk, owner of Baltimore Washington Beer Works, was brewing RavenBeer at the Clipper City Brewing Co. in Halethorpe, and was trying to build out the old Haussner's restaurant, for use as a brewery and to expand his production.

The plan fell through because the Haussner's building was aging, and renovation costs were too high. But Albert, who knew Demczuk and was trying to open a brewery of his own, got involved, and found the former Canada Dry, Snapple and RC Cola bottling plant on 30th Street in Abell.

Albert then gained the backing of City Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke, the Charles Village Civic Association and the Abell Improvement Association, for the first large-scale brewery in the city since the 1970s. Breweries in Baltimore need heavy manufacturing zoning, but the building on 30th Street was zoned for light manufacturing.

Beille, 39, a native of France whose wife is from Baltimore, has since joined them to brew Public Works Ale.

Also brewing craft beer at Peabody Heights is Full Tilt Brewing Co., owned by cousins Nick Fertig and Dan Baumiller, and Mountain State, brewed by Mountain State Brewing Co., of West Virginia.

Peabody Heights Brewery has eight fermentation tanks and has eventual plans for as many as 40, Albert said. He said they brewed about 600 barrels of beer in May.

"We are purely a production brewer of craft beers," Albert said.

"It's been a challenge," said Demczuk, 61, of Charles Village. He said the biggest challenge has been the costly renovation of the space.

"It's a big building," he said. "We did it on a shoestring."

Demczuk said it's too early to tell how successful Peabody Heights Brewery will be — but so far, "We're doing well. We've just got to work out the bugs and get more efficient."

Duncan, of the Red Cross, wishes them the best.

"We love them very much," she said. "They're good to us."

The brewery drew interest on Saturday from patrons of The Book Thing of Baltimore across the street, where people donate books and take other books for free.

"I wanted to see what was going on here," said a Guilford resident, who asked not to be named.

Among those who stopped by was City Councilman Carl Stokes, who represents Charles Village.

"It's a great use and reuse of the property," Stokes said. He said he hopes "it will be a successful business that will grow."

the tasting room, which was open for the day, was crowded with people like Heather Stewart, 42, a pathologist's assistant from Perry Hall. Stewart said she found out about the party on Facebook and took her father, retired engineer Steve Stewart, 66, of Jarrettsville, as a Father's Day present.

They were duly impressed as they stood in the tasting room, which was open for the day.

"My dad and I enjoy going to breweries," Stewart said. "We newer knew this was here."

Copyright © 2013, The Baltimore Sun

06/15/2013: RavenBeer Welcome to Summer event

We are having our first public brewery beer event. Join us at our Peabody Heights Brewery "Welcome to Summer" event. As you may know, RavenBeer ( more precisely Baltimore- Washington Beer Works) is a part owner of the Peabody Heights Brewery. We felt it was time to have a tour for all of our friends. So come on down to see our facility and enjoy some tastings from:

RavenBeer - Tell Tale Heart IPA

Public Works Ale - Red Cent Amber

Full Tilt - Baltimore Pale Ale

and others.

Music: There will be a band

Food: Yes there will be food trucks available

When: June 15, 2013

Time:  2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (14:00 - 18:00 for you military types).

Location: Peabody Heights Brewery, 401 E. 30th Street, Baltimore, Md.

Cost: $20 in advance ($25 at the door)  click here to buy tickets. Price includes 3 craftbrew drafts. First 100 ticket holders receive free glass.

Note: some beers are available for take out sale by the six pack or case.

01/30/2013: First beers shipped

A historic day for RavenBeer ocurred on Jan 30th. After much work and a cranky bottling system we were able to ship our first new cases of Raven Special Lager. Just in time for the Ravens to play in the Super bowl.

12/01/2012: Maryland Bev Journal - December 2012
11/28/2012: RavenBeer to be permanent tap at McFaul's Iron Horse

* RavenBeer to be permanent tap at McFaul's Iron Horse. Listen here for interview. (requires Real Player or Quicktime.)

11/28/2012: RavenBeer (BWBW) gets a mention at

* BWBW gets a mention at Look for "The birds"

11/26/2012: Washington Post -literary beers not fiction
11/21/2012: Balto Buisness Journal - suds too hearty for feds
10/28/2012: RavenBeer highlighted in GWU video

* RavenBeer highlighted in a George Washington Univ. video. Click here to view.

10/15/2012: RavenBeer supports the arts

* RavenBeer supports the arts. "The Completely Fictional-- Utterly True-- Final Strange Tale of Edgar Allan Poe."  Center Stage  Oct. 17-Nov. 25, Click here to see our Program Ad. Click here to see our new beer coaster.

10/10/2012: Baltimore Sun - custom tap handles
10/01/2012: - a Peak at PHB
08/19/2012: BiB - RavenBeer artwork
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