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Art work by KAL and colorization by Gabriella DemczukOur ears are always open for good news. Here are some news items worth sharing.


Artwork by KAL, colorization by Gabriella Demczuk.











06/25/2015: Passing of co-founder Wolfgang Stark
We are sadden to announce the passing of one of RavenBeer’s founders Wolfgang Stark. Wolfgang and his wife Christl owned Haus der 131 Biere in Hamburg, Germany and operated RavenBeer in Europe.  I met Wolfgang at beer congresses in Germany, made mutual friends like Conrad Seidel, beer writer, Claude Lorange, European Club Gambrinus (Luxembourg), Bill Owens (modern father of Pumpkin Beer), Uwe Kalms (Foamhead) and so many other beer folks who make the beer culture in Europe the very special way that it is.  Wolfgang, in his own way, was a big part of it.  When beer in Germany was strictly German centric, Wolfgang imported beer from all over the world to Germany as he knew the young Germans that had traveled abroad wanted more than just Reinheitsgrebot brewed beer.  He imported beer from the Far East to Africa to Palestine and made good friends with the Khoury brothers who established the first craft brewery in Palestine, Taybeh Brewing Company.  He located German brewers in Africa and imported their beer back to Europe.  He supplied my beer-of-the-month company, Beer Around the World, with unique and interesting beers, e.g., Flame from New Zealand and Ngoma from Togo.  And it was Wolfgang who said to me in 1996, “Stephen, do you want to brew beer in Germany and make it under an American theme?”   It took one day to come up with EA Poe and The Raven Special Lager.  And when I returned to the USA to run RavenBeer, Wolfgang purchased my company Beer Around the World and continued to run it even till today.
Wolfgang was a visionary.  He was a decade a head of everyone else trying to get American and other non-German craft beers into Germany.  Today, craft beer imports into Germany show significant growth. He made friends with everyone, from the politician, business person, to the beer drinker.  Wolfgang could be typically seen sitting comfortably at his conference pavilion holding a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.  He would speak to anyone walking by his stand and promote beers from all around the world.  In 1993 or 1994, in Nuremberg I was one of those persons; and now I sit and write the eulogy of one of the great beer persons that I have ever met.
  We will miss you Wolfgang, you were a man ahead of your time.
   Dein Mann war ein großartiger Mann des Bieres und ein noch größerer Freund.
Stephen Demczuk, President
06/05/2015: Origins of RavenBeer- mp3

Click here to listen to a nice piece done by Jefferson Ward of WZBA, 100.7 The Bay about the origins of RavenBeer.

06/03/2015: Found South Carolina

Fans of RavenBeer can be found everywhere. This shirt was found on the Clemson University campus.

RavenBeer shirt on Clemson campus

02/15/2015: RavenBeer wins packaging awards

RavenBeer is getting national recognition for our marketing. For the 2014 year, RavenBeer has received the folling wards from

  • Runner-up for Best Case Box design.
  • Best Creativity award for Tap Handles - Gold medal.

RavenBeer case box design award   

06/15/2014: Craft Beer on The Bay - RavenBeer review

Reecently RavenBeer was reviewed by 100.7 The Bay Craft Beer Guy. Look for his June 13th blog of RavenBeer review. Click here. Or you can listen here.

02/25/2014: Origins of RavenBeer presentation

This is a great video presentation at Pecha Kucha on Feb 20 2014, You can view Jacquie Greff's video here. Also you might be interested in History at Risk. Film to be included in an upcoming episode of History at Risk (

08/28/2013: Quary Wine & Spirits RavenBeer review

Quarry Wine and Spirits recently posted a review of Raven Special Lager and Tell Tale Heart on their blog.

Here is the link

We hope you agree.


08/23/2013: RavenBeer official beer of WestWingLA

RaveBeer Special lager has been name the officail beer of WestWingLA®. They are west coast Ravens fans. read more.

08/04/2013: The Cask to be brewed early August


The first Cask will be brewed on August 6, 2013. The Cask is a German style bock beer that is great for cool weather.  For beer characteristics,  click here.

07/29/2013: RavenBeer handles get national recognition

Just recently Aaron Miller of Thrill List listed what he thought were the 23 best tap handles in the craftbrew industry.  The list is not any sort fo ranking, You will find RavenBeer on that list. Some very neat handle there.

Click here to view the list.

07/01/2013: Pendulum Pils is beer-of-the-month at Triple Nines Tavern

Triple Nines Bar and Billiards in Jessup has Pendulum Pils as the beer-of-the-month for July, 2013.

07/01/2013: Special Lager is beer-of-month for Dogwood Tavern

Dogwood Tavern in Falls Church will be pouring The Raven Special Lager as its Micro-of-the-Month for July, 2013. ($3.00 pints,M-F from 3-7pm).

06/27/2013: Tasting Panel Magazine- RavenBeers

(Information from a Califonia contact.) I thought you would like to get a copy of this. Tasting Panel Magazine is published by Southern Wine & Spirits here in California. I gave their editor samples of the Poe beers, and he liked them a lot.

Click here to see what Tasting Panel Magazine wrote.

06/25/2013: Summer Event - successful!

Thanks to everyone who attended our First Welcome to Summer Event. This was done with very little adverising and we still had more that 200 in attendance.  Looking forward to next event!

01/30/2013: First beers shipped

A historic day for RavenBeer ocurred on Jan 30th. After much work and a cranky bottling system we were able to ship our first new cases of Raven Special Lager. Just in time for the Ravens to play in the Super bowl.

12/01/2012: Maryland Bev Journal - December 2012
11/28/2012: RavenBeer to be permanent tap at McFaul's Iron Horse

* RavenBeer to be permanent tap at McFaul's Iron Horse. Listen here for interview. (requires Real Player or Quicktime.)

11/28/2012: RavenBeer (BWBW) gets a mention at

* BWBW gets a mention at Look for "The birds"

11/26/2012: Washington Post -literary beers not fiction
11/21/2012: Balto Buisness Journal - suds too hearty for feds
10/28/2012: RavenBeer highlighted in GWU video

* RavenBeer highlighted in a George Washington Univ. video. Click here to view.

10/15/2012: RavenBeer supports the arts

* RavenBeer supports the arts. "The Completely Fictional-- Utterly True-- Final Strange Tale of Edgar Allan Poe."  Center Stage  Oct. 17-Nov. 25, Click here to see our Program Ad. Click here to see our new beer coaster.

10/10/2012: Baltimore Sun - custom tap handles
08/19/2012: BiB - RavenBeer artwork
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06/25/2015: Passing of RavenBeer co-founder Wolfgang Stark - read more

02/20/2015: awards - read more

10/06/2014: PHB sold! - read more

08/01/2013: RavenBeer in Southern California - read more

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