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The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad and Wild Bonerz
The Raven Beer Famous Fans: Charm City Roller Girls, Mobtown Mods

The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad is goof-rock band that makes fans of Ween, Guns n' Roses, Frank Zappa, & KISS very happy. Calling Towson/Baltimore, Maryland their hometown, the band has performed all over, from dive bars to fancy parties. Find them at www.flutesquad.com.




Mobtown Mods
The Raven Beer Famous Fans: Charm City Roller Girls, Mobtown Mods

The Mobtown Mods are one of four roller derby teams of the Charm City Roller Girls. The Charm City Roller Girls are Baltimore's woman's flat track roller derby league. Founded in 2005, the league started as a handful of women meeting at a roller rink skate night to practice skating. In 2010, the league has over 100 skaters and is one of the top leagues in the Eastern Region. The Raven Beer is proud to keep the Mobtown Mods fueled. To check out a bout, visit www.charmcityrollergirls.com.



London Rollergirls
The London Roller girls came to visit Baltimore and they spent some time with The Raven's very own Mobtown Mods. After the Mobtown Mods won their game, the London Rollergirls joined us in the celebration. We think they became The Raven Beer fans too.






Martin O'Malley
Back in the day when Martin O'Mally resided in Baltimore City and he went by the title "Mayor," we caught up with him and caught a Raven Beer in his hand. This photo is of Stephen Demczuk, The Raven Beer President, having a beer with former Baltimore mayor, now governor of Maryland  Martin O'Malley. Cheers!









Commander Sam Howard, USS Raven
In September of 1998, The Raven was requested to be served at the celebration surrounding the commissioning of the USS Raven, the U.S. Navy's latest ship in a series of mine sweepers. In this photograph, Commander Sam Howard, USS Raven and B.W. Beer Works President Stephen Demczuk toast the invited dignataries at the commissioning dinner for the USS Raven.




Wolfgang Stark ambassador to Germany John Kornblum
In Berlin.
Here is Wolfgang Stark (left) with U.S. Ambassador  to Germany John Kornblum in Berlin enjoying a cold glass of Raven Beer.

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