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Listen to what our fans say. We are getting RAVEn reviews about the beer coming from our Peabody Heights Brewing facility.

Stephen says (02/18/2014 19:00:53):
From Untappd:

Some Tell Tale Heart comments
Karl says (01/30/2014 09:15:09):
How The Cask defeats the snow.
We tend to get a little more on the ridge that I live on than the rest of metro area. So to help me deal with my football field length, hilly driveway I have a procedure. Take bottle of The Cask. Place in snow. Shovel to bottle. Drink some beer. Move bottle ... you get the idea.
Bianca says (01/30/2014 09:08:48):
From FB:
I tried The Raven Lager for the first time while in DC at a concert and it was perfection!
Craig Z. says (01/03/2014 13:32:13):
Recently picked up the 12 pack sampler. All 4 styles in the pack were very solid beers. I especially enjoyed the Tell Tale Heart IPA. Look out Heavy Seas....you have some competition! Keep up the good work!

Cecil Co., MD
Matt G. says (12/16/2013 15:36:58):
Love Raven Lager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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