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Listen to what our fans say. We are getting RAVEn reviews about the beer coming from our  Brewing facility.

Ben W. says (11/19/2014 07:50:18):
Raven beer is the greatest thing since yeast in bread!
Joe Mignogna says (08/27/2014 08:36:43):
Had a glass of your Pendulum Pils this past weekend at Liquid Assets in Ocean City Md. Really excellent and enjoyed by all.

Live in Vienna Va and would very much like to buy a case. Recommendations on where to purchase in No Virginia? Thanks, Joe
Steve Hoffman says (07/20/2014 15:41:34):
Very much enjoyed meeting you and the gang yesterday at Ripken stadium. Hope the brew ha at Ronnie's went well too. I'll be by to pickup some product this week.
Prost my friend!
Steve Hoffman
Amber says (05/22/2014 15:10:14):
I don't know if your beers are available to me yet but I will look for them. I live in San Bernardino ca 92404 I went to the LA beer Fest this past Saturday April 5th 2014 and thank you for being there. I lived your beer and bought your awesome Poe holding up two beers shirt. You guys are genius! Once again thank you!
Stephen says (02/18/2014 19:00:53):
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