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The Raven Special Lager

RavenBeer Special Lager labelThe Raven Special Lager is a perfect balanced lager beer that goes well with any kind of food, but particularly with spicy food or when you just want to sit down and enjoy a beer with friends.  With a shot of Woodford Reserve chased with chilled Raven Special Lager is a near perfect combination. The rich golden colored beer is an exceptionally smooth Southern German lager, somewhat malty but well balanced between the hops and malt.  Experiencing the clean finish and pleasant lingering aftertaste of The Raven Special Lager, one can truly say that The Taste Is Poetic.

Silver at World Beer Championships.

  • Malts: 2-row Pale, Munich, Crystal, Vienna
  • Hops: Bravo, Tettnanger, Mt Hood
  • ABV: 5.25%
  • IBU: 18
  • Bottles: 4x6x12oz. Cases
  • Kegs: 1/6 (5.2 gal) 1/2 (13.2 gal)
  • Tasting Notes: This pale amber beer has a delightful aroma that goes down easily with a nice hop taste and dry finish.

RavenBeer Special Lager in Vienna-style

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