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Thanks to all who made our Inaugural RavenBeer Holiday Benefit Blast, for the benefit of A Mother's Cry a success on December 10. Featuring the debut of the insanely good Dark Usher Kölsch.

100.7 The Bay WZBA's Jefferson recently did an interview with Stephen highlighting Dark Usher Kölsch . You can hear a podcast of that interview here.

We are a Baltimore based craft bewery. Our beer was first conceived in Luxembourg between founders Stephen Demczuk and Wolfgang Stark (who recently passed away).  The new company was registered in Baltimore and the new beer was eventually produced in Nagold, Germany and called in honor of Baltimore's Edgar Allan Poe The Raven Special Lager. We now also offer Pendulum Pils, Tell Tale Heart IPA, The Cask (Doppelbock), Annabel Lee White. Dark Usher Kölsch, is brewed in the style of the famous beer from Köln, Germany, but with a little roasted malt to give it a dark appearance and roasted finish. Our beers are now all brewed in Baltimore, Md in the European tradtion, using only the best hops and malts. Each beer uses the appropriate malts, hops and yeast for its style. Tell Tale Heart IPA, does make a bow to American beer styles using some of the newer hop varieties available. Our German trained Brewmaster earned his title through hard work, many years of experience, and excellent German training.

So, when you are out and about near a retail liquor store, pick up a six pack. Or try a glass "vom Fass" at your favorite watering hole.  Let us know what you think of it.

We believe that our customers deserve premium ingredients to achieve that authentic European flavor and aroma. RavenBeer is brewed in Baltimore, Maryland.

RavenBeer glassware and clothing can be purschased at Events that we attend or in our secure shopping cart.

RavenBeer Merchandise

We have a wide variety of RavenBeer merchandise. Here are some samples. Click an image below to see the item.

RavenBeer Tap Handle RavenBeer optic pint glass  RavwnBeer Hats

To find a pub, bar or retailer that now has the Poe series you must contact our distributors. Click the state links below



If you can't find RavenBeer at at your favorite restaurant/retailer/pub LET US KNOW BY CLICKING HERE.

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