Poe Inspired Craft Beer

How to Find Raven Beer

RavenBeer Special LagerRavenBeer is now available throughout Maryland  and in in many Mid-Atlantic locations. We have tried in the past to list all the pubs, restaurants, and retail locations where RavenBeer is available.  However, we usually are  not informed of availablility changes by either the restaurant, bar or retail liquor store.  So please don't get mad at us if we say our beer is available, but when you go to the location, our beer is not available. Rather, please lets us know by contacting us  via our contact form. Don't forget to check the RavenBeer Not Available box and enter a location. We do try to highlight locations that we feel are strong RavenBeer customers. These usually appear on our Brewery News page.


Our distributors have a much better handle on where RavenBeer can be found and are they listed by state under the Find  menu.. So please contact one of our distibutors to get the latest information. We appreciate your understanding. Stephen.