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Listen to what our fans say. We are getting RAVEn reviews about the beer coming from our  Brewing facility.

sd says (11/19/2016 09:10:02):
Wow! 6 Poe beers are amazing. Can't wait for the next one to be released. Great job!
Glo says (07/18/2016 15:26:23):
Food (And Beer) For Thought: The Midnite BBQ


After all that great food, we were kind of thirsty. What a better way to wash down all that yummy food with some yummy beer? We talked to the guys at @RavenBeer and we got the chance to try two of their beers – Raven and Annabel Lee.

The Raven is a lager and is super light. It’s so smooth going down and was a good choice for our first beer after a meal. We like our beer’s light, so we were fans of this one. Then we tried the Annabel Lee beer…and wow. This beer is named after Annabel Lee, a love interest of the Poe’s. If this beer is in any ways symbolic of his love interest in her we totally get why. This beer has such a different and unique taste to it that had both Trilla and myself saying “THIS IS MY FAVORITE!” It has a hint of ginger, coriander, and orange zest. And since everybody’s tongue palate is different, the way you taste this beer could be very different from the person next to you. Trilla and I both know that we have different palate’s but we both equally loved this beer.
Doug Bright says (03/26/2015 16:50:11):
Were can I get raven beer in Charleston South Caolina?
Reply from admin: RavenBeer will soon be available in the Midlands
Ben W. says (11/19/2014 07:50:18):
Raven beer is the greatest thing since yeast in bread!
Joe Mignogna says (08/27/2014 08:36:43):
Had a glass of your Pendulum Pils this past weekend at Liquid Assets in Ocean City Md. Really excellent and enjoyed by all.

Live in Vienna Va and would very much like to buy a case. Recommendations on where to purchase in No Virginia? Thanks, Joe
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