Brand new never used barrier and oxygen scavenging crowns of a cartoon character of Edgar Allan Poe.  Can be used for art or bottle capping of home brew or other beverages.  At 1.50¢ each, not a bad price.  There will be 6 layers of approx. 1667 crowns of each color.  Each crown represents its own RavenBeer brand and Poe holds the glass representing the style of beer within the bottle.  We believe that no brewery on the planet has ever done this before.  Artwork by KAL (Kevin Kallaugher), political cartoonist of the Baltimore Sun and Economist Magazine out of London.  Shipping by FedEx* .  NOTE: we are out of the orange (Annabel Lee) crowns.

10,000 RavenBeer/Edgar Allan Poe Crowns in Seven Colors

  • Shiipping by FedEx. Weight 45.8 lbs, 17x12x12", shipping from 21237.  You can send your own label if you like.

RavenBeer is a proud sponsor of The National Edgar Allan Poe Theatre
podcasts featuring recreations of the stories by Edgar Allan Poe