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November 30, 2017 RavenBeer moving its headquarters. For more details click here.

RavenBeer 30 second advertising airing on 100.7 The Bay. Click here to listen.

Raven Special Lager on National TV!! Recently Raven Special Lager was featured on Burgers, Brew and 'Que with host Michael Symon. The scenerio is at Costas Inn, where they were sampling Maryland crab cakes and soft crabs.  Michael chases down the crabs with Raven Special Lager. His comments: "It's light. It's crisp. It has good maltiness ...". Click here to see the approximate half minute segment, as a .mov file.

Medals! Well we knew we made great beer and the 23rd World Beer Championships at the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago agrees. RavenBeer received silver medals for Pendulum Pils, Raven Special Lager and The Cask. Visit your favorite pub or retails store and see what the Beverage Tastings Institute was excited about.

The Cask silver medal World Beer championships
Raven Special Lager silver medal World Beer championship
Pendulum Pils silver medal World Beer championships

RavenBeer exapnds to South Carolina effective August 10. Current counties where RavenBeer is being distributed can be found here. You cam find current serving establishments at the Comer Distributing website.