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Our beer was first conceived in Luxembourg between founders Stephen Demczuk and Wolfgang Stark (who recently passed away).  Stephen was in Europe doing research in molecular biology and experienced its beer culture that lead to his mid-career crisis.  He started writing about beer, and then tried to open a brewery in Arlon, Belgium but that faltered.  He then formed the first beer-of-the-month club in Europe, Beer Around the World.  Importing beer into Luxembourg, boxing it up and shipping it within the EU.  One supplier of his beers was Wolfgang Stark of Haus de 131 Biere.  Wolfgang imported beer from all over the world. He supplied Ngoma from Togo, Flame from New Zealand, and Lapin Kulta from Finland.   One day Wolfgang asked Stephen if he would like to make a beer in Germany and using an American marketing theme.  It took Stephen just a second to say yes and a day to come up with The Raven.  The new company was registered in Baltimore and the new beer was eventually produced in Nagold, Germany and called in honor of Baltimore's Edgar Allan Poe The Raven Special Lager. We now also offer Pendulum Pils, Tell Tale Heart IPA, The Cask (Doppelbock), Annabel Lee White.

In August 2012, we formed a brewing partnership , which allows us to have greater control over our beers and also allows us to expand our offerings. There is plenty of room at the  facility for us to grow, solving a supply problem that we have had over the years.

In October 2014, the brewing facility was sold to a local investor, but we continue to brew there.

We believe that our customers deserve premium ingredients to achieve that authentic European flavor and aroma. RavenBeer is brewed in Baltimore, Maryland.

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